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Communication officer

за домовленістю

Компанія: International Committee of the Red Cross
Контактна особа: Секретар
Місто (регіон): Луганськ

Основна інформація:

COMMUNICATION OFFICER (position effective from 1st of January 2021) Lugansk based The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an impartial, neutral and independent organization whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence and to provide them with assistance. The ICRC is mandated to work in countries affected by armed conflict or other situations of violence. The ICRC is present in over 80 countries and has some 19,000 field staff. In 2014, the ICRC expanded its presence to Ukraine. There are more than 600 ICRC staff working in Kyiv, Sloviansk, Severodonetsk, Mariupol, Donetsk, Lugansk and Odesa. ICRC is Equal Opportunity Employer giving highest priority to staff safety and security. For more information, visit website: http://www.icrc.org/ AIM OF THE POSITION Communication officer contributes to designing, planning and implementing communication projects and activities in coordination with the management of the field structure and Communication Coordinator (ComCo). S/he contributes to representing the ICRC externally and building the necessary understanding and acceptance of and support for the ICRC among key stakeholders. CORE RESPONSIBILITIES Under the supervision of the ComCo, produces written and photographic material from the field for ICRC's different communication supports (publications, media releases, website, etc) to highlight key operational activities in the field structure. Under the supervision of the field structure management and with support of the the ComCo, writes press releases intended for local media at field structure level. Participates to field activities, in particular to reinforce the community engagement principle in ICRC work with communities, as well as ensuring communities' access to media & information. Contributes to defining communication and, where relevant, prevention objectives, strategies and plans of action for the geographic area or programme covered, in line with the field structure's priorities and/or the delegation's communication/prevention strategy. Is responsible for the Community Contact Centre, handles callers and ensures quality of responses in terms of detailed information available. The tasks and responsibilities defined above are not exhaustive and can evolve depending on organizational needs. POSITION REQUIREMENTS Education and professional qualifications University degree or equivalent in a relevant field such as communication, journalism, international relations... Fluent spoken and written English and Russian Computer skills (proficiency with MS Office tools) Good command of digital communication tools A minimum of 3-year work experience in a similar position Personal Competencies Genuine interest to work in humanitarian aid field; Good communication skills; Strong sense of responsibility; Good team player. HOW TO APPLY Please submit your CV in English, along with your motivation letter by 01.11.2020 Only candidates meeting the above-mentioned criteria will be considered and contacted for tests and/or interview. No queries by phone please.


e-mail: не вказано

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Lygansk Резюме і вакансії, робота в Луганську
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10 6
Krasnodon Резюме і вакансії, робота в Краснодоні
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33 17
Kreminna Резюме і вакансії, робота Кремінній
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37 6
Lusuchansk Резюме і вакансії, робота в Лисичанську
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241 38
Lytygune Резюме і вакансії, робота в Лутугине
вакансии и резюме
12 11
Markivka Резюме і вакансії, робота в Марківці
вакансии и резюме
5 4
Milove Резюме і вакансії, робота Міловому
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7 4
Novoaydar Резюме і вакансії, робота в Новоайдарі
вакансии и резюме
10 4
Novopskov Резюме і вакансії, робота в Новопскові
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13 11
Perevalsk Резюме і вакансії, робота в Перевальську
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9 6
Kominternivske Резюме і вакансії, робота Комінтернівську
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5 4
Popasna Резюме і вакансії, робота в Попасній
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27 5
Rovenku Резюме і вакансії, робота в Красних Ровеньках
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18 10
Svatove Резюме і вакансії, робота в Сватовому
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62 11
Sverdlovsk Резюме і вакансії, робота в Свердловську
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33 9
Severodonetsk Резюме і вакансії, робота в Сєвєродонецьку
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119 13
Slovyanoserbsk Резюме і вакансії, робота в Слов'яносербську
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4 4
Stanucya Резюме і вакансії, робота Станиці Луганській
вакансии и резюме
11 4
Starobilsk Резюме і вакансії, робота в Старобільську
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91 11
Stahaniv Резюме і вакансії, робота в Стаханові
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34 11
Troicke Резюме і вакансії, робота в Троїцьку
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9 0